Gay Bedtime Stories

Short Gay Stories, Just in time for bed!

Jonathan and Tony

For Jonathan and Tony, this was their first ever serious relationship. Of course they had mere relationships in the past, but neither one of them ever thought that they would be able to bond the way they did together.

Jonathan was a tall (6ft 4”), slightly naturally tanned, short wavy brown hair, deep set dark brown eyes and a pointy nose. He towered over Tony who was, compared to Jonathan, more of what he used to call “average!” (5ft 10”). He was slender, with deep blue eyes, sharp lips and arms that were possibly just 1” or 2” out of proportion.

Together they were unique. The gay couple that other gay couples would look at in ore. But Jonathan and Tony didn’t know the key to their success. It was all so natural to them.

As the months ticked by, their relationship flared into a hot, fiery and passionate relationship. They were so at ease, they never held back around their friends. Tony would usually be sunken in Jonathan’s arms, with their feet just flicking against one another. This was level of intimacy was no where near as intense as what was, now deemed a daily occurrence to Jonathan and Tony, as what happened in their bedroom was something that will stay with the both of them for the rest of their lives.

The sex was heated, hot, wild! They would watch pornography together, grasping one another’s red hot cocks, there would be moments where their eyes would divert away from the laptop screen, which was streaming the latest free gay porno flick. Their eyes would meet for those brief few seconds, and in no time at all, their lips would meet. Their kisses would always turn into a full body embrace, and as they held one another tight, their soaringly tense and throbbing cocks would hit of each others, as if it were some private sword fight. They would relax, and Jonathan would always pleasure Tony first. He would creep his fingers all the way down Tony’s body, and he would start by gently rolling his tongue up Tony’s balls. As soon as Jonathan’s cold, wet tongue pressed up against Tony’s balls, he would always give a large sigh of relief, and exhale and allow his body to completely sink into the bed. Jonathan would tease Tony by rubbing, quite firmly, the area under the balls, whilst with his other hand, masturbating Tony.

Again and again their eyes would meet, and every time they could not help but kiss. By the time they had finished sucking one another’s very impressive cocks, the porno flick had stopped. The laptop had refreshed to the desktop, and this was the only light in the room. Tony crawled his hands up Jonathan’s legs, and whilst doing so, he raised them up from the knees. Tony shuffled along and fitted himself comfortable in between Jonathan’s legs. Tony knew full well Jonathan wanted to be fucked right their and then, he knew that he wanted Tony’s hard cock to push into his tight hole, to fuck him so hard, to pound him with every ounce of strength, to make his gasp for air as Tony entered Jonathan deeper and deeper. But before this would take place, Tony would always whisper gently into Jonathan’s ear

“Would you like me to fuck you?” Tony said.

Jonathan’s eyes always told him the answer, but just to confirm he always said

“Yes” that was followed by a long kiss.

Tony would fuck Jonathan on a more often basis. The fucking would be intense, one anthers sweat would mix together, during their steamy, hot and private sexual intercourse session. Tony knew how to hit the right places to make Jonathan feel like jelly, to make him feel powerless and to make him cum, without needing to touch or masturbate Jonathan. Every time Tony did this to Jonathan, it shocked him. It had happened now plenty of times, easily over one hundred times, but still he would lie back in amazement at the thought that his boyfriend made him cum, just by fucking him hard, and deep. Tony would also dump his hot load in Jonathan’s ass. Jonathan would usually request it, he liked to know his boyfriend was still in him even when they were not fucking. It comforted him.

Michael & Jacken # 2

What a odd romance Michael & Jacken had. A romance that was quick and volatile! You would assume that they were lesbians at the speed they pushed through all their emotions.

Michael’s close friend Becky Sharp has been there for him since the age of 8, when they met in the playground. Despite their first encounter being over the use of the only football in the playground, they soon became very close friends as their parents were long time friends, they would constantly meet one another at family dinners and events. It was at the age of 16 Michael told Becky Sharp that he had intense sexual feelings towards guys. Her response threw Michael. She proclaimed that she always knew, even possibly before Michael knew him self. If anything this response bonded them together as a secure friendship union that would ever last. When it was time for them to start seeing less of one another due to University. Beck Sharp got accepted into Warwick University and Michael got his offer accepted at Durham University. They knew that the distance between them would put a strain on their friendship.

September came very quick and Michal and Becky Sharp said their tearful goodbyes. For the first couple of months they would have their dinner together over Skype, and constantly text one another about how fun their ‘Freshers’ experience has come to be. After Freshers was long over and Becky and Michael discovering new friends, their communication lacked. Their friendship was breaking down but neither of them put any importance on this or even thought about it.

It was approaching December and the first term was going to be all finished and everyone was going to head home. It was after a very drunken night that Michael came back and spent a couple of hours alone surfing the internet and ‘stalking’ people on facebook. He came across Becky Sharp’s profile and saw all her new fantastic friends. He was really happy for her. From her photos he was proud she had seemed to build up a lovely mix of male and female friends. All the photos looked very happy. However he knew after being a student, that despite what photos may seem on facebook there are always dark, immature and drunken antics that go along with them. He sent her a message saying how he was very much looking forward to seeing her at Christmas.

To Michael’s shock she had responded within minutes. He got a notification saying that:

"This message has been sent via Becky Sharp’s iPhone FB Application"

Michael was always amazed at how up to date her communication and other technologies were. They had a small conversation, and Michael was very much wanting and needing to see her new life that she had created for herself in Warwick University. They planned right there that he would visit her one week before the term would break up. Therefore he would get to see her, her new friends, and then they would travel back to Hampton Court [where their families are based] together.

A few weeks passed and it was time when Michael started packing his bags to visit Becky Sharp. After a terribly long and over priced train journey to Warwick he had arrived. She was there awaiting his arrival and they hugged and kissed. They both didn’t feel that so much time had passed. Michael already knew the differences in her, he found this very hard to get used to.

Becky Sharp was very eager to introduce Michael to her ‘new’ gay friend Jacken. Jacken had seen photos of Michael on facebook and was taken back by his stunning short blonde hair, and simple muscular build. Jacken wanted to see Michael face-to-face and feel the strength of his body in a simple and polite handshake. Jacken had prepared his position in the living room, knowing that he should look casual, but if anything the whole position, to what he was reading and listening too were all staged, all for the benefit of Michael.

In no time at all Michael and Becky Sharp walk into her dorm house, and he is greeted casually [staged], by Jacken. They have a few seconds longer than normal embrace, and this excited Jacken. Becky Sharp knew exactly what would be probable, and she already knew how Jacken felt about Michael.

What happens next changes things completely. Becky Sharp could foresee that they might ‘hook up’. But what she didn’t foresee, and nor did Jacken or Michael, what would become so destructive. An event that would cause them all total devastation. An event that would cause Becky Sharp to flee home and leave University, an event that would leave Jacken depressed and alone, and an event that would leave Michael …

To Be Continued